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Update: Saturday, July 25th

All the Dead Trees have been cut down. We do have a few stumps that need some trimming down yet.

There are large batches of tree trimmings, branches and scrubs along the curb that need to be hauled away.

We do do still have several overgrown landscaping beds that need attention especially on west side along Field 5 (massive one), along campus drive by field 2, and by field 13 along the service road by MPTC.

We REALLY appreciate all our volunteers! Thank you so much!

Thank you for volunteering to help clean up our complex by assisting with the many dead trees, overgrown shrubs, and weeds at our complex. I know schedules are all over the place so hoping we can do this via a group effort and communications. On this page (and below) is a field Map of the soccer complex. I have marked all the dead trees and landscaping beds that need attention. If you go to the complex, and work on any of these areas, and finish an area (remove a tree completely, tear out shrubs, weed, etc, simply email me back and I will update the image.

  1. Dead Tree: If you see a dead tree, go ahead and cut it down. If you are able to haul it away, GREAT! if not, please try to haul it to the curb at least. So far we have taken down a few trees and people snag up the big pieces pretty quick. If you are not able to haul it away, put it all by the curb and others that have volunteered to haul things away can see that and get that picked up.
  2. Our landscaping beds are marked in blue and most are severely overgrown:
    • The worst one is long Field 5 wrapping from National Avenue, all the way to Scott Street. This has several good trees in it yet and some large bushes that could be salvaged or taken out. It's a huge mess. Ultimately we plan to pull up all the landscaping here, level it off, and re-plant grass seed as it is nearly impossible to keep on top of annually. This one is the biggest challenge (both in growth and area).
    • South of Field 5 are two landscaping beds. These are also terrible. The bushes will need a chain saw or sawzall to get those out.
    • By Field 10 - again, overgrown and need a chainsaw or sawzall to cut out these bushes and clean up.
    • Between Field 11 and 13 - same story, bring a chainsaw or sawzall to attack these bushes to get them out, but save the tree. it's still alive.
    • Finally, there is a landscaping area next to Field 2. We want to completely tear out the overgrown bushes (see chainsaw/sawzall request) and redo this landscaping and plant a fresh tree and make it nice. There is a memorial stone there remembering a player who passed away at a young age. Let's really beautify this area.

Majority of the needs are on the west MPTC side but there is one tree by Field 17 on the UW Side we do need to also take down. If you are able to haul away weeds or any shrubs that is great. If not, put by the curb and someone will get them.

Be safe if you go down to volunteer please. Again, I know schedules are crazy so if you can help for 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, or more. We will take it. Hoping via a group effort over the next several days and weeks we can accomplish a lot!

Chad R. Collett

Fond du Lac Soccer Association
(920) 539-6059

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