Introducing the New Fond du Lac Soccer Association Hall of Fame

Qualifications & Rules for Inductions of Candidates

The Fond du Lac Youth Soccer Association has established four categories under which members may be inducted in the Fond du Lac Youth Soccer Hall of Fame.

The categories are:

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Administrators
  • Volunteers

NOTE: While persons may not qualify in any one category, their efforts in a combination of two or more categories may make them a viable candidate.

Qualifications for each category and general rules to determine eligibility are as follows:

Fond du Lac Soccer Association Players: To be considered, players must have at least gained  prominence in FDLSA competition. The player most likely to be selected is apt to have experience post high school, college, or national team pool. Prominent players who went on to serve as referees, coaches, and /or administrators may perceive priority consideration. Active players will not be considered. (Note: participation in “Old Timers” or other non­ FDLSA recreational play does not constitute “Active Play”.) *eligible after age 25

FDLSA Coaches: Consideration for induction may be given to coaches who have for a considerable time, functioned as a FDLSA Coach. Candidates most likely to be selected are apt to have served on multiple teams and promoted higher level play. High school and/or college coaches may receive consideration provided that their services have been extended to benefit the Fond du Lac Soccer Association. Coaches who become FDLSA referees, Regional or State administrators may receive priority considerations, provided the above conditions are met. Coaches who are still active may be considered.

FDLSA Volunteers & Administrators: To be considered as a candidate for induction, administrators must be functioning, or have functioned on the Fond du Lac Soccer Association Board or on the State, Regional or National level. The length of service in these positions must be 7 to 10 years. Club administrators, who meet none of the other qualifications stated in these guidelines, should NOT be considered viable candidates. FDLSA players and/or coaches who went on to become administrators, may receive priority consideration provided the conditions noted above are met.


1. Candidates must be past or present members of FDLSA.

2. Ten is the maximum number of inductees per year and there is no minimum number.

3. Inductees need to submit a 5 x 7 photograph.

4. The Hall of Fame committee will select nominees from candidates whose names were submitted to the committee and who meet the required qualifications.

5. Teams or individuals may submit candidates for the Hall of Fame.

6. Inductees will be selected from the nominations received, based on the information provided by the nominators. Additional information may be requested if needed.

7. The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of seven members, one of which will function as Chairman.

8. A quorum will consist of five or more members, present at a previously scheduled meeting

9. The Chairman and members of the Hall of Fame Committee will be appointed by the FDLSA President.

10. It is the responsibility of the Hall of Fame Committee to annually schedule and organize a Hall of Fame ceremony and the induction of new members.  This should coincide with the Recreation League End of the Year tournament.

11. The Hall of Fame Committee will encourage the maintenance and growth of the Hall of Fame Members Club.