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to the new online home of the Fond du Lac Soccer Association

Rec League Coaches

Welcome Youth Rec League Coaches

On this page you will find resources and documents to coach the recreational soccer league for the Fond du Lac Soccer Association.

Required for ALL Coaches - Risk Management Application and Card

One requirement of being a volunteer soccer coach for our program is to submit a risk management application with the WYSA (Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association). More on that in the original email so I won't repeat all the details. Some people have had questions regarding the process of completing the application in Demosphere. Here are step-by-step instructions that will guide you through this easy and quick process.

General Information for 2019 Volunteer Rec Coaches

Please read through it entirely as it contains a lot of information for coaches for this upcoming season. Many details are the same as the past, but as always we try to make improvements so we do have several new things as well – efficiencies we have put into place to hopefully enhance the experience and reduce the work for all of us.

First and foremost, THANK YOU for volunteering to be a youth rec league soccer coach for our 2019 rec league season. We really appreciate it and it we will do what we can to ensure you have a good experience. With nearly 1300 players and 120 teams in our rec league, it is quite the undertaking to organize and run, but as a coach you are the key to a great experience for both the players and the parents. We fully know that not everyone has extensive soccer experience so for any coaches that have questions at any time or encounter any difficulties please reach out to us right away. We prefer to take a proactive approach whenever we can.

The first part of our rec season kicks off for our U5-U14 teams in May and our High School League begins early June. We need to wait until the end of the WIAA season to finish for that league to begin. If you have any involvement at the High School rec team level we will be sending info on that at a later date.

Let’s start off with who to go to with questions:

· U6 Coed and U7-U14 Boys Teams: Luke Newman is our Rec League Director (and also VP of the Club) and can be reached at or via phone at 920.979.4283 and organized all the teams for U6 Coed and the U7-U14 Boys teams.

· U5 Coed and U7-U14 Girls Teams: Chad Collett organized the U5 Coed and the U7-U14 Girls Teams and can be reached at or via phone at 920.539.6059.

Below are a few key areas I want to make you aware of. I know the #1 thing on everyone’s mind is the rosters. We had 800+ special requests for team placement. Try to imagine putting that puzzle together. Some people requested coaches that are not coaching (or were not signed up yet), some requested to play with players who were (a) not signed up (b) were in a different age group, and for some teams we frankly had too many requests for a single team that exceeded the max roster size so could not accommodate. Bottom line, Luke and I want you all to know that we spent a month putting these teams together by hand vs letting a program do it randomly. We know we were not able to grant every request so we hope that you see you teams, and will make the best experience for those players.

New Software – Demosphere:

· Home for your Rosters + Schedule + Communication for Teams: For those who have coached with us in the past, you know it as a bit of a manual process to get your rosters, your schedule, and reach out to your teams. This new portal will help streamline that process. When we send out team communications, you will get two emails if you are a parent + a coach inviting you to the portal. One as an Admin (Coach) and one as a parent. This portal has a lot of exciting features:

  • Game Schedules: Although your game schedules are in your TeamNet calendar you can also view all team schedules via the Demosphere Team Schedule Page. From here you can navigate through your age group, to your team page. Please feel free to share this URL with friends, family, etc who want to know where and when your games are. If by any chance we do change a game time or field for your team, you will get an email notification from the system this has occurred. Your schedule will also be updated automatically on this page and in your TeamNet calendar. This is a significant upgrade from our old way of doing it so hope you enjoy it!
  • Get Your Full Roster Contact Info: Via the TeamNet App you don’t have access to email addresses, phone numbers, etc. But as a coach you can access that info in Demosphere. Login to your Account.
    • Once you are in, under “My Account Information” you will see a tab for “My Teams” – When you click on that tab it will show you any teams you are assigned to with a hyperlink (on team name) to the full roster and contact info for your team. It is a good idea to have this should you need to reach out to a specific parent directly via email or phone.
  • Admin Rights: Only coaches have admin rights but if you have a parent willing to help out and run this, you can give them admin rights to the team page on the Members section.
  • If you coach multiple teams: Your dashboard will have portals to each team page.
  • TeamNet App: Everything you can do on TeamNet page you can do on the App. Plus, even though there is not text messages, if parents have the TeamNet App on their phone they will get instant notifications of your messages.
  • Communication Tools: You can email your team through this app and also include any additional “members” you want to. This is perfect for families that want to add people to the communications (i.e. Grandma always drops off or picks up so needs to know times). You can use this to change times, change fields, send out any communications you want. It does NOT currently include text messaging.
  • Calendar: This calendar will automatically have your scheduled games on it including date, time, opponent, and field location. You can also add your practices to this calendar or other team events you may do. For practices and games, communications go out to parents to tell them about them and asks them to RSVP so you will know if any players will not be attending a specific practice, game, etc.

More info…

· Jerseys: We have placed the first jersey order and they are targeted to be ready by March 6th at Jack’s Team Sports (Downtown Fond du Lac). We will keep you informed as we lock in the date they will be ready. Your players will need to provide their own shorts, soccer socks, shin guards, and ball.

· Coaches Shirt: All coaches will also get a coach t-shirt. You will be able to pick that up, when you pick up your team jerseys at Jack’s (when they are ready).

· Rosters: Please reach out to your team and introduce yourself. Parents will be able to email you via the TeamNet portal so if you don’t, I am sure they will. You can be brief to start in your intro email and ramp up information as the season gets closer.

· Coaches Meeting: Similar to last year, we have moved to a full digital meeting so we do not hold in-person coaches meeting anymore with a packet handout. We put together this short presentation you can view instead and we will be sending that out next week which will contain A LOT more information. Also, for any coaches that do have questions you want you can contact either Luke or I, plus we will be available at the Soccer Complex on Sunday, April 28th from 2:30pm – 3:30pm for any in person questions and also Tuesday, April 30th from 6pm – 7pm.

· Practices: We do not schedule your practices. You can conduct them at a date/time that works best for your team. All fields at the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex are first come, first serve. We do ask that each team practice at least once per week. If you do need to cancel a specific week, please try to make it up if you can.

Risk Management Pass:

· WYSA Background Check: We do need ALL coaches who are currently not holding an active coaches card or has a current risk management card to complete this online application for a risk management card. Note when you do this you will need to include a headshot photo of yourself. This card is valid for two years and costs $15. Once you complete this application, you can submit an expense reimbursement if you wish and we will send you a check or apply a credit to your account in Demosphere towards a future program.

Important Dates to Note:

· May 6th: (Hopefully) Jersey Distribution will begin at Jack's Team Sports.

· May 13th: Start of U5-U14 Rec Season

· June 1st: Picture Day and Spring Games for U5 and all U7-U14 Girls Teams (schedule coming by May 1st)

· June 2nd: Picture Day and Spring Games for U6 and all U7-U14 Boys Teams (schedule coming by May 1st)

· July 4th Week: No Games

· July 13-14th: End of the Year Tournament - ALL Teams (More details coming).

Coaches Info on 2019 Season PDF

Team rosters /Contacting players

•Rosters are all online via Demosphere – log into your account to view your teams under “My Teams” – will contain full contact details.

•Tried to do our best for requests – We had 800+ special requests to consider

•No changes will be allowed at this point unless a significant issue (bullying, safety)

•Touch base with team within 72 hours of getting your roster (even just to intro yourself and tell them more info is coming).

•IF ROOM ON YOUR ROSTER, YOU MAY GET Late add-on of players – you will be notified if this occurs.

•If you have any players that do NOT show up or you find out quit please let us know so we can possibly allocate that spot to another player. At some age groups we have a waiting list.

•Ask PARENTS about any conflicts, special player issues you should be aware of.

•Communication tools: teamnet via Demosphere. You all will be invited to your own team page and there is an app that works with it.

Season schedule

•Schedule is online via Demosphere– link on home page and coaches corner

•No game time changes and no reschedules. If you want to play a different time, you may do so on your own. THE FDLSA WILL NOT SCHEDULE REFS FOR RESCHEDULES.

•Season begins week of May 13th Spring Games June 1-2nd + Picture Day

•Regular Season (8 games) + Spring Games + EOY Tourney

•No games week of July 4th unless make-up games are required. If you play on Monday, check the schedule for Memorial Week. Your games have shifted to an alternative day that week.

•End of Year Tournament schedule will be live by Season Start – Dates are July 13-14

•The FDLSA does not keep track of game scores or standing in any divisions. The rec league is for fun. We keep score in the select program.

PICTURE DAY + Spring Games

•June 1st and June 2nd

•Picture day schedule will be available online no later than may 1st

•Pictures will be in am inside premier field – have your team meet by concession stand at least 15 minutes before your time slot

•After pictures, U5/U6 will play one game and U7-U14 will play 2 games that day.

•Spring games schedule will be available no later than May 1st

•Forms and information will be distributed first week of games

Jersey + coach shirt pick up

•Jerseys: Pick up at Jack’s Team Sports Downtown when ready. – Target is May 6th

•Distribute based on size on your roster please

•Note: some Extras by age group

•Second order will be placed and handed out to parents directly by club

•Players only receive a jersey. We ask that they wear black shorts but socks can be any color.

•May 13th will be wear your jersey to school day

•Coaches Shirts – Jack’s Team Sports – all coaches get one shirt. Pick up when you get your team jerseys. Jack’s will have a coaches list.


•Set up your own practice based on times/dates that work for team

•You can practice at the soccer complex, but you cannot reserve any fields. First come, first serve.

•Come prepared for practice with a training plan, cones, and an extra soccer ball.

•Bring parent contact info with you to your practice or have teamnet app on your phone

Rec League Rules

•This is rec league so ALL kids get equal playing time regardless of skill, score and their ability to attend practice. As much as you want to win, the priority is to ensure that ALL kids have the best experience possible.

•U5-U8 will use the ‘Pinnie’ rule so a player cannot score twice in a row. In addition, U5-U8 will NOT be allowed a goal keeper. Each year some teams try to play one. Don’t be that coach.

•Off-sides begins at U10. Be aware of build out rule at U10

•Full rec rules available online on coaches corner page

•Includes Ball size, # of players on field, Game Duration, off-sides, free kicks, and more. 

Weather Issues

•Weather and Delays/Cancellations

•RainedOut,  - sign up for it. 

•Games will be played rain or shine. If lightening is spotted ALL games will be immediately suspended and you will hear a loud horn. Everyone must immediately leave the soccer fields. In order to return to play there must be a 30 minute wait time between lightening. FDLSA officials will ‘call it’ if play for the night is concluded. Any game that has already begun will not be made up.

•If warning horn sounds (due to lightning typically) send a rep from your team to the concession stand to check-in before dismissing the team to go home.

•Note: We make every attempt to cancel games by 3pm or earlier and notify parents via text, email and social media.

What You Will Get The First Week of Games

Volunteers will be delivering the following items to your first game for you to distribute to all your team members.

•Keeper Cards

•Each player gets two cards. They are prepaid so parents DO NOT need to turn any money into you, the concession stand or the association. If they want to sell them to make $$ back, they are worth $10 each. They may do with them as they please.

•Dick’s Sporting Goods Coupon Book

•Water Bottles

•All players will receive a water bottle the first week of games but please remind kids to stay hydrated each week and to wear the proper uniform. In the hot days, remind them wear sun screen.

•Picture Forms  for Picture Day (June 1 and 2)

•U5-U8 – one game Pinnie

•If you want a few pinnies or cones for practice for the season we have a green equipment bin located near the garage. If you borrow equipment (piinnies or cones) please return so others may use them as well.


•Refs will be paid before the games at the concession stand. Refs MUST check in to the concession stand prior to the game. No rec coaches will be paying refs. If you have an issue with a referee please contact our Director of Referees immediately.

•Treatment and Communication with Refs – Majority of rec refs are minors. They are young and inexperienced but need to learn somewhere. It is not your role to educate them.

•Zero Tolerance and Coaches Code of Conduct

•Refs are paid and should be professional in appearance and conduct

•Any issues contact or

Resources for Rec League Coaches

Training Resources