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to the new online home of the Fond du Lac Soccer Association

Select Soccer Info

Welcome to the FDLSA Select League Info Home Page

The Fond du Lac Phoenix Select League represents all select teams playing in the Southeastern Classic League and WYSA State League. These pages have been developed as a resource for all of our Phoenix Select Soccer Teams. Various information for manages, coaches, players, and parents about the Phoenix Select Soccer Teams will be posted along with some club and district guidelines.  Please view the links to the left and below. Thank you

Register for 2018/2019 Season

If you were provided a written OFFER TO PLAY by the Head Coach or the Select Director, you can register online for the upcoming season. 

>> Please contact Chad Collett, President & Select League Director at for the link to register. 

Please note, you will be taken away from Sports Engine and to our NEW registration page powered by Demosphere. The process will be a bit different. If you played Select in 2017/2018 your account information has transferred over. To get started, use your email address and click on "forgot password" to reset your password and begin. 

Any questions or trouble with registration contact Chad Collett at 

Select League Overview

Chad Collett, President of the Fond du Lac Soccer Association presents an overview and timeline of the Fondy Phoenix Select League Program

Select Game Schedule and Standings for SECL

You can find each teams schedule via this link. When you get to the main page, simply click on the club team.

Select League Fees

The fees for U11-14 will be $450 for the full year. Included in that price is:

  • Pre-Season Training Camp in August led by Marian University Coaching Staff and Players
  • 16-20 regular season league games (approx 8-10 regular season games each season Fall + Spring).
  • 4 Tournaments. 2 in Fall, and 2 in Spring. Tournaments are selected by Select Director and Team Coaches.
  • Referee fees for all regular season games and tournaments
  • 8 Indoor Winter Training Sessions led by Marian University Coaching Staff and Players
  • Coaching Expenses including continuing education, licensing, apparel, and training equipment. 
  • Field Maintenance Fees for the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex
  • Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) Team and Player Card Fees.
  • Position trainings during the year (i.e. goal keeper training) offered by club.
  • All Administrative Fees

The fees for U15-19 will be $225 for the year. The difference is these teams play only Fall (Girls) or Spring (Boys) so have one season of regular season league games (8-10) and two tournaments. All other inclusions remain the same.

Additional questions can be directed to:

Chad Collett

Chad Collett


Phone: 920-539-6059

Overview of Select Programs Offered

Age Group:  U11 thru U19 Boys and Girls
Offered:  Fall (8-10 Weeks) and Spring (8-10 Weeks)

Starting at the Under-11 age group (and older), Fondy Phoenix Select teams play against teams from other select clubs in the region and are a part of the Southeastern Soccer District Classic League or the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association State League. Travel to games (8-9 each season) are required with half of the games scheduled here at the Fond du Lac soccer complex. Game are played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. 

Select teams for boys and girls at the U11 and older levels are formed by a tryout process. Not everyone who tries out is guaranteed a spot on a Fondy Phoenix Select team, though we will make every effort to place as many players as possible on appropriate teams based on skill level (including contacting other clubs if there are not enough spots in a particular age group). Tryouts are held each year, in mid June. Teams are formed each year, and new players are always welcome to try out. If you are not currently on an Fondy Phoenix Select team or move to the area in mid-season, please contact the Club and we will try our best to find you an appropriate spot.

Eligibility for the seasonal year (Fall & Spring) is determined by the player's age on birth year (see chart below). 
U11 and U12 teams play in 9v9 format, U13 and older teams play 11v11, with proportionately larger rosters. U11 through U14 teams play in the Fall and Spring, U16 and older teams play only Fall (Girls) or Spring (Boys) due to the high school soccer season.

Birth Year and Season Matrix

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger. 


Teams in the Fond du Lac select program will face many challenges in the upcoming year. To meet these challenges and enhance the spirit of teamwork, each Travel team is dependent upon their respective teammates and parents. Both are required to fulfill their obligations regarding practice, games, potential fundraisers and other necessary duties involved in the participation of this program. It is unreasonable to expect our players to be fully committed and to take their roles seriously if the parents are not contributing 100% as well.


This shall serve as a guideline of expectations, for each family, that are financial and performance based.  It is intended to render advanced notice of the obligations and commitments to team parents and players.  Understanding these obligations and commitments is imperative. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  If everyone adheres to the expectations listed below, our program will run more efficiently and fairly for everyone involved.  Please read and understand each item.

I.       Performance Expectations:

A.      Practices:

  1. Each player is expected to attend all scheduled practice sessions.  For your child’s safety, failure to attend practices may affect the amount of playing time your child receives.  The coach is committed to playing those who, he feels, are conditioned and aware of the team routines established during practice. 
  1. The two practice sessions per week will usually last ninety minutes but could possibly go longer.
  1. Effective communication is crucial to the overall success of the individual teams and the program.  Players are required to contact the Coach if they are unable to attend practice, games or other scheduled events.  Advance notice is needed as absences negatively affect the whole team as well as game and practice plans.
  1. Each player should bring the following to each practice: water bottle, age appropriate sized soccer ball (U11-U12 Size 4, U13+ Size 5), soccer cleats, shin guards and a positive attitude.
  2. Parents are welcome to attend and watch all practices from a non-distracting distance. For practices to operate efficiently it is necessary for parents to not come on to the actual playing field.

B.     Playing time:

  1. For our developmental teams playing time is more evenly distributed. The intent at this level is to develop the young soccer player’s technical skills, improve the understanding and build the ability of team play, and make the youth soccer experience enjoyable. Even at the developmental level, the player needs to show a level of commitment (attending practice, listening, etc). Lack of commitment may result in a loss of playing time. At the U11 Red level and above, game play becomes more competitive. While the FDLSA desires the developmental principles to carry forward, playing time will be at the discretion of the coach and is based upon each player’s "earning" time through hard work and level of skill demonstrated in training sessions and games.
  1. Playing positions are solely the coach’s decision.


C.     Parent/Guardian Conduct

  1. Parents are expected to conduct themselves with class and dignity when attending games. Parents are encouraged to be positive, giving words of encouragement rather than criticism or instruction. 
  1. Parents are not to address referees, any player or coach in any negative way.
  1. The Coach or Referee may require the removal of a parent that is causing any disruption on the playing field or sideline. Failure to leave without incident may result in disciplinary action.
  1. Parents are allowed only on the parent sideline during the game and half-time.  Proper viewing etiquette is between midfield and the top of the 18 yard box just opposite your team.

D.     Player Conduct

  1. It will be demanded that each player respect every facet of the game; coaches, teammates, officials, and their opponent, on and off the field.  Retaliation to opponents, teammates or referees verbally or physically will not be tolerated. Sportsmanship is not requested but demanded.

II.    Financial Expectations:

A.     Fees
  1. Fees for our Travel Program can range from $200 - $400 per child per seasonal year.  This fee covers 2-4 tournaments per year, winter indoor trainings, all referee fees, player insurance, field maintenance, insurance, field lining, equipment, professional fees, electronic services as well as general and administrative fees. 
  1. Fees are not a la carte.  Should you miss a practice, games or winter training, there is no reduction or refund of fees already paid or owed. Team fees and expenses are due promptly when requested. Failure to pay said fees and expenses in a timely manner may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to suspension from the team’s activities.

III.    Parent & Player Commitment:

  1. I understand that I if I am chosen to participate on a Phoenix Travel team, I am committing to being part of that team. As such, I will take my responsibility to my team seriously. I understand that I am expected to attend all team practices, games and tournaments – This includes games and tournaments on weekends, and holiday weekends.
  1. I understand that the commitment I am making is for the Fall and Spring seasons – from August through the end of June. I will limit my other activities to avoid conflicts with the commitment I am making to my Travel Soccer Team. I understand this includes other town or school sports.
  1. The FDLSA does not intend to discourage participation in other school or town sports activities. We are only asking that you seriously commit to your Travel team so that your absence does not hinder your team.
  2. I understand that there may be occasions when, due to injury or extenuating circumstances, I will not be able to participate. Although those situations will be rare, I agree to be honest with my Coach and notify them as far in advance as possible.
  3. I understand that my absence from practices, games or tournaments negatively affects my teammates and impacts the overall success of my team, and may potentially reduce my playing time. I further understand that my record of attendance will be interpreted as a measure of commitment which will be used as one of the factors of consideration for placement on future Phoenix travel teams.
  4. I understand that my conduct at practices, games and tournaments is a reflection of me as an individual as well as my team, my Club and the town in which I live. I will follow the instructions of my coach concerning conduct.
  1. I will, at all times, demonstrate good sportsmanship and be a positive role model to those around me. I will conduct myself in a manner that brings credit to my team and to me.