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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the season and when does it start/finish?
The youth recreational league season is 8 weeks long and concludes with an end of the year tournament that all players participate in. The 2019 season officially begins the week of Monday, May 13th and concludes on Sunday, July 14th. 
Is there a paper copy of the registration to print off and mail in with a check for player fees?
No, all registrations must be completed online. Our club moved to online registration to reduce data entry error (i.e. handwriting deciphering/translating), allow members to update their contact information at any time, avoid incomplete registrations, and collect fees electronically. In addition, The Fond du Lac Soccer Association will hold multiple walk-in registration events in January - March where we can assist with any registrations and for those who wish to pay in cash.
When and where are practices?
Each team is advised to practice once each week. The duration of those practices depends on the age group involved but normally run 45-90 minutes. Practice schedules are up to the discretion of each coach. Some practice during the week after school and some on Saturdays. Practices can be at any field at the soccer complex on the UW FDL side. No practices are allowed on the fields on the MPTC side of the complex. Teams also practice at the local parks and schools. If you cannot make a practice, notify you coach in advance. Many coaches will preplan a session based on the full team attending. 
When and where are games?
All recreational games are played at the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex. Check the Nights of Play page for specific league game nights. Times vary each week depending on the schedule but all games start at 5:30pm and 6:45pm.
What equipment do I need?
Each soccer player is required to wear soccer shin guards and soccer cleats. No other sports cleats are permitted. The referee will prohibit you from participating in the game with any other sport cleats. Soccer cleats are distinctive in that they have no toe cleat. Other equipment needed is an age size appropriate size soccer ball and a water bottle.
Do I need a uniform?
All registrants receive a jersey (included with your registration). Players are required to purchase black shorts and soccer socks (any color) on their own.
My child wants to play up with his classmates?
Age group cut-offs run from September 1st to August 31st (of the following year). For some leagues, this may lead to a child playing with some of their classmates and some a class under them. The only exception to this if a situation where a child’s skill is so far advanced from their age group that playing up would benefit their soccer advancement. Please contact the Recreation Director if this situation exists.
I want to stay with the same coach and/or players?
While you are free to ask on the registration form, and we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is not guaranteed you will stay with the same coach or players.
What happens with bad weather?
Cancellations due to weather or field conditions will usually be made by 3:00pm. Cancellations will be posted on the home page of our website. If you would like to have a email or text message sent, please sign up on We will normally play through a light rain and cold temperatures. Games are cancelled and complex is evacuated when lightning is present.
How much should my child play?
Each player is guaranteed a minimum of 50% playing time in the recreational soccer league. It is up to each coach to monitor this. If you have an issue, contact the Recreation Director or a Board of Director listed on the website.


Are Select League players allowed to play in the recreation league?

Yes, members of any select or classic league teams may play however due to the ability of these players, we may not grant special requests to play with friends to help even out teams and make it fair for all.


What if I ordered the wrong size Rec Jersey

If you need a replacement rec league jersey (wrong size, lost, etc) contact Luke Newman at Prior to ordering the jersey you will need to show proof of payment for the $15 replacement fee. (payable below). 


Replacement Rec Jersey