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Recreation League Tournament Games

2019 End of Year Recreational Soccer Tournament

All games will be played in accordance with USYSA/FIFA laws. Any exceptions are as noted below.


  • Tournament roster size shall not exceed original roster size. 

    • Guest players will be permitted to replace an original rostered player who is unable to play.

    • Guest players must be registered  online via Demosphere at least 24 hours prior to the start of the tournament AND coaches must submit a guest player tournament form at least 2 hours before their first game of the tournament or the player is not eligible to play. Coaches will be notified should a guest player be denied. NOTE: Cost to register as a "Guest Player" for the Tournament only is $15 which is due at time of online registration on Demosphere.

    • Guest players may not be current 2018/2019 Select League players.

    • Referees will be given a game-card with each team’s roster size listed and will ensure that the correct number of players are present. 

  • Medical Release/ Waiver of Liability form is required for all players. (completed at time of registration.)

  • A player may only play for one team in the tournament.


  • Each team, U5 thru U8, will play 2 games.

    • U5 will play on Saturday

    • U6 will play on Sunday

    • U7 & U8 Girls will play on Saturday

    • U7 & U8 Boys will play on Sunday

  • Starting with the U10 age group, we will be playing a Select style tournament.Teams in those age groups will play both Saturday and Sunday.Each team should play twice on Saturday and at least once on Sunday. Championship games will be played Sunday afternoon/evening and will be determined by record & other criteria listed below

  • Each coach will be given scorecards to turn in near the concession stand.

    • Should be verified with opposing coach and ref.

    • Both coaches submit cards, in the event one is lost or not turned in.

  • Teams should be present at the field on which they are to play at least 15 minutes prior to game time. Teams will then check in with a referee at their designated field for the checking of player passes and equipment.

  • There will be NO on field warm-ups.  Please find an unused area to warm up.

  • Games for U10 & below will consist of two (2) 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.  

  • Games for U12. U14, and High School will consist of two (2) 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.       

  • Game play time may be shorter or longer, determined by the Tournament Staff or Referees if necessary due to inclement weather or for other unforeseen events.

  • Referees will meet with captains and determine who kicks off and who defends what side. The process of this determination will be left to the referee.  The team which wins decides which goal it will attack in the first half of the match.  The other team takes the kick-off to start the match. The team listed first on the schedule is the home team and is required to change jersey if a color conflict exists. Home team will provide the game ball.

  • Both teams will have their bench on one side of the field. Parents and spectators must watch the games from the opposite side of the field as their team and should stay at least 3’ from the sideline.

  • If teams are low on players, the coaches may agree to play with an equal but lower number of players on the field. 

    • This is encouraged and should be done if one team would have no subs or the weather is warm.  (good sportsmanship)

    • Example: U14 playing 10v10 instead of 11v11.


  • Shin guards are required. Socks must be pulled over the shin guards.

  • Hard casts, splints or braces are allowed subject approval by tournament staff.  Casts must be padded with foam no less than ½ inch thick.

  • No jewelry or knotted headbands are allowed.

  • All players on a team must have the same type of jersey. All jerseys should be tucked in.

    • Jerseys must have a unique number on them.

    • Registered guest players may wear a similar colored shirt but must have number of back.

  • All players’ equipment is subject to the referee’s approval.



    • Please remember this is Rec. Soccer and the objective is for the kids to have fun.  Please set a good example as coaches and parents. 

    • All red and yellow cards will be reported to the Tournament Director.

    • Red-carded players will be suspended for at least one game. (Two yellow cards in one game equal a red card.) Players red-carded for violent conduct, violent fouls or abusive language may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

    • No substitution will be permitted for a red-carded player.

    • Harassment of officials will not be tolerated. Referees may temporarily stop games or suspend play in the presence of persistent sideline harassment or intimidation. In the case of a game suspension, the Tournament Director will decide the outcome of the game.

    • Any coach removed for inappropriate conduct will not be allowed to coach any team for the remainder of the tournament.

    • Any team found using ineligible players will have that game scored as a loss and that player will be removed from the game.  (game will finish w/remaining players)  

      • The result of a win by a team using an ineligible player will result in a recorded score of 0-3 against that team.

      • If the team using an ineligible player loses, that score may be used IF it is greater than the 0-3 result would be.

        • Example: Team with ineligible player loses 5-1, that result will be used over the forfeiture score of 3-0 as the difference is greater and could be used in a tiebreaker.


  • Any team that fails to show or leaves the field of play before the end of a game may be disqualified.

  • The score of any forfeited game will be recorded as 3-0.



  • Substitutions may be made prior to a throw-in in favor of your team, prior to a goal kick by either team, following a goal by either team, following an injury to a player from either team or at half time. Substitutions may also be made for your team on the opposing team’s throw-in if the opposing team also has a player at the half-way line.  Referees have the final authority on substitutions; this includes but is not limited to the timing and frequency of substitution.

  • A player with blood on the uniform or on the body must be substituted out. The bleeding must be stopped, the injury covered with a bandage, and the uniform must be blood-free before the player may return to play.


  • Authority: All referee decisions are final. No protests are allowed. The Tournament Director has the right to relocate, reschedule, cancel, or reduce the length of any game.

Please work through team’s coach or manager for questions or clarifications regarding standings and tie breaker scenarios at Tournament Headquarters.  (No points are awarded for U6 – U8 games).  

  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie (including 0-0), 0 points for a loss

  • 1 per goal, up to 3 goals.  (3 points maximum)

  • Tie Breakers -- Preliminary Round (If three teams (or more) are tied, the following procedures listed below will be used in the following order: (Note: If one of the procedures results in one team being eliminated and two remaining, the two-team tiebreaker procedure as stated restarts beginning with #1 (Head-to-Head): 

    • 1. Head-to-head

    • 2. Team with most wins

    • 3. Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) with a maximum of three per game.  (A score of 4-2 is a goal differential of 2, a score of 4-0 is a goal differential of 3.  Team winning 3 games 4-2, 4-0, 7-1 would have a goal differential of 2+3+3 = 8.

    • 4. Fewest goals allowed

    • 5. Most goals scored

    • 6. "Kicks from the Mark" (Penalty kicks).

    • In the event that penalty kicks must be used, USYSA/FIFA rules will be followed.

      • Each team will select 5 players to kick from those that were on the field at the end of regulation. The goalie for the shoot-out must be on the field at the end of regulation. Teams will alternate kicks --the visiting team shoots first. If the score remains tied after 5 kicks, teams will alternate kicks one at a time until a winner is determined. All eligible players must be used before anyone can repeat. Both teams must use the same number of players before anyone can repeat.

  • Championship games tied at the end of regulation goes directly to penalty kicks. Same rules apply as stated in 9.B.6 above.

  • Ties in round robin play will remain a tie. 1st and 2nd place will be determined by total points.

  • There is no Championship game for a 4 or 5 team brackets. The team with most and second most points will determine first and second place.

  • Standings will be posted by the tournament director or other designated officials as time allows.  Standings will be posted at the end of the day on Saturday and 30 minutes prior to the championship games on Sunday.  If time permits, due to busy schedules of our volunteers, they will be posted earlier. 


  • For U10 and up.  First and second place awards will be presented to players and coaches immediately after the championship game.  If you are in a group of 4 or 5 with no championship game awards will be handed out to first and second place based on results once we can determine them.

  • U8 and under, will each receive a participation award.


Weather Delays and Potential Games Cancellations

  • In the case of lightning, the games will be postponed if needed. Games can resume 30 minutes after the last lightning strike which may push games later into the day. If games are underway and less than 15 minutes remain in any game, game will be marked as final.
  • If lightening doesn’t stop, then the tournament will be cancelled for the day. Games will not be rescheduled.
  • Tournament Staff will be using Email, Social Media, and RainedOut Text App  to communicate delays and cancellations.

Game Schedules:

Game Schedules for U5-U10 are located in your online schedule:

TeamNet Login


Additionally, here are Championship Game Times and Locations:

  • U10 Girls: 1pm on Field 2 South
  • U10 Boys: 12pm on Field 2 North
  • U12 Girls: 1:30pm on Field 16
  • U12 Boys: 12:30pm on Field 15
  • U14 Girls: 1pm on Field 4
  • U14 Boys: 1pm on Field 5
  • High School Coed: 1:30pm on Field 11

Game Times & Fields for U14 and High School Teams

The U14 and High School Sunday games are based on results from Saturday games and not straight pool play.

Questions please contact:

Luke  Newman

Luke Newman

Vice President | Rec Director

Phone: 920-979-4283

Chad Collett

Chad Collett

President | Field Scheduler | Select Director

Phone: 920-539-6059