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The Fond du Lac Phoenix Select Program (also known as Travel or Classic League play) is a competitive soccer program for youth players from U11 to U19 who are looking to elevate their skills, and their game. Tryouts for the Select League are held annually in June for the upcoming seasons (fall + spring) teams. The Fond du Lac Phoenix belong to the East Central District but play our games in the Southeast Classic League which is primarily Milwaukee market teams. This includes teams near us like Plymouth and Lakeshore United (Sheboygan), down though Milwaukee, to Kenosha and Racine. The Fond du Lac Phoenix also has State Level teams. Those teams match up against teams that include Green Bay and the Fox Valley, down to Milwaukee, Madison and Wisconsin Rapids typically but can vary based on season and teams.

Teams play an average of 8 league games each season (half home, half away) and 2-3 tournaments each season. Games take place on weekends and teams will practice 2-3 times per week during season. 

If you are considering playing in High School, coaches recommend participating in a Select League program.

Fondy Phoenix: Building Skills & Growing Friendships Through Soccer


Overview of the Fondy Phoenix Select Program


Age Group:  U11 (Born 2012) thru U19 (Born 2004) Boys and Girls
Offered:  Fall (7-9 Weeks) and Spring (7-9 Weeks) with Summer + Winter Training

Starting at the U11 age group (and older), Fondy Phoenix Select teams play against teams from other select clubs in the region and are a part of the Southeastern Soccer District Classic League (SECL) or the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association State League. Travel to games (7-9 each season) are required with half of the games scheduled here at the Fond du Lac soccer complex. Game are played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Fall League games run typically early September to end of October and Spring Season league games typically run mid-April to mid-June. All teams are are led by WYSA approved licensed coaches.

Select teams for boys and girls at the U11 and older levels are formed by a tryout process. Not everyone who tries out is guaranteed a spot on a Fondy Phoenix Select team, though we will make every effort to place as many players as possible on appropriate teams based on skill level (including contacting other clubs if there are not enough spots in a particular age group). Tryouts are held each year, in mid June. Teams are formed each year, and new players are always welcome to try out. If you are not currently on an Fondy Phoenix Select team or move to the area in mid-season, please contact the Club and we will try our best to find you an appropriate spot.

Eligibility for the seasonal year (Fall & Spring) is determined by the player's age on birth year (see chart on our tryouts page). 

U11 and U12 teams play in 9v9 format, U13 and older teams play 11v11, with proportionately larger rosters. U11 through U14 teams play in the Fall and Spring, U16 and older teams play only Fall (Girls) or Spring (Boys) due to the high school soccer season.

The cost to participate in travel differs based on age level. Annual fees range between $500 - $525 and includes all regular season games for fall and spring, 1 tournament each season (2 total), referee fees, state fees, coaching, admin, and field expenses. Additional costs include a uniform (approx $125) which the current uniform is good for this year and will be replaced with a new design coming for Fall 2023. Multi-month payment plans are available and also financial assistance for those in need. We strive to make it an all-inclusive experience so families are not surprised by costs along the way. This annual fee runs from August to July. For the High School, the fee is reduced as they only play one season.

Making a Commitment to Better Yourself and Your Team

Making a Commitment to Better Yourself and Your Team

Teams in the Fond du Lac select program will face many challenges in the upcoming year. To meet these challenges and enhance the spirit of teamwork, each Travel team is dependent upon their respective teammates and parents. Both are required to fulfill their obligations regarding practice, games, potential fundraisers and other necessary duties involved in the participation of this program. It is unreasonable to expect our players to be fully committed and to take their roles seriously if the parents are not contributing 100% as well.

This shall serve as a guideline of expectations, for each family, that are financial and performance based.  It is intended to render advanced notice of the obligations and commitments to team parents and players.  Understanding these obligations and commitments is imperative. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  If everyone adheres to the expectations listed below, our program will run more efficiently and fairly for everyone involved. 

Select Soccer Fees & Cost

Select Soccer Cost to Play

The registration fees vary based on age group but range between $500-$525 for the full year. Included in that price is:

  • 14-18 regular season league games (approx 7-9 regular season games each season Fall + Spring).
  • 2 Tournaments.  in Fall, and 1 in Spring. Tournaments are selected by Select Director and Team Coaches.
  • Referee fees + Referee Assigner fees for all regular season games and tournaments
  • Coaching Expenses including seasonal pay, continuing education, licensing, apparel, and training equipment. 
  • Field Maintenance Fees for the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex
  • Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) Team and Player Card Fees.
  • East Central District Player Fees
  • All Administrative Fees

The fees for U16-19 (High School Age Teams) will be Approx $300 for the season. The difference is these teams play only Fall (Girls) or Spring (Boys) so have one season of regular season league games (7-9) and two tournaments.

These remain some of the very lowest fees around for select league soccer and we do our best to keep them low for families.

All players are encouraged to attend and add the Fondy Phoenix-Marian University Pre-Season Training Camp to their registration for $150. The camp will take place August 1-2, 2022 from 9am - 12pm at the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex. Registration for the camp is done at time of team registration.

We offer this "all in" price so parents are aware of the full fees prior to the start of the season and removes the burden to collect fees from the Team Managers and the Club throughout the season. Additional fees will include the purchase of a uniform from If you are returning player, the uniform from the past two years will also be used this year. Uniforms are not included in the annual fee and costs approx $125 for the full kit (which will last 1-3 years depending on when new uniforms are set to change from Adidias. We will be getting new uniforms for Fall of 2023.

To help families spread out payments, we also are offering multi-month auto-payment plan options that include options to 8 month at only $1 a month charge extra to take advantage of that option. (this covers our extra charge from Demosphere to process the payment).

This year we are requiring that all registrations are completed online and payment made with a credit card. If you are unable to do this, or require financial assistance, please contact Chad Collett at ASAP (before registration, which are by invite-only). We do not want any player to decline an offer to play based on their financial situation. 

Select Directors

Select Directors

Chad Collett
Select League Co-Director - Girls Teams
Phone: 920-539-6059

Josh Rieder
Select League Co-Director - Boys Teams
Phone: 920-203-3993

Select Tryouts June 6-23, 2022

2021/2022 Select League Tryouts

2021/2022 Select League Tryouts

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