Information for Rec League Parents

Info for Rec Parents

Main Contacts for Questions: 

  • Girls Teams: Chad Collett -
  • Boys Teams: Luke Newman -

Key Resources for Youth Rec League Parents

Seasons: U4-U14 will run from May 9th (league play starts May 23) to July 17th. The High School age league will run from June 15th to July 27th. High School teams will be formed early May and schedule available end of May. 

Jerseys: Coaches will pick up and distribute all jerseys. If any player registered after April 1st or was transferred to a different team after April 1st there is a chance your jersey will come in a second (or third) order. If you are missing a jersey, received the wrong size, or have some issue please complete this form. Jersey Request (for missing or incorrect jerseys)

Coaches: All our coaches are volunteers so respect and appreciate them. It is extremely tough to field volunteer coaches for over 120 teams annually. If you are willing to help your coach let them know. If you know others willing to coach youth soccer contact Chad or Luke as we are still (and always) recruiting soccer coaches. 

Water Bottles & Keeper Cards: Each player will receive a free water bottle and two keeper cards. The water bottles will be handed out the week of May 9th and Keeper Cards will be available end of May.  

Volunteering: At registration parents were charged a $25 volunteer deposit. We ask that parent volunteer 2 hours per child during the season. At the end, you are eligible to receive your $25 back, or donate it to the club for our programs and field maintenance.  >>  Volunteer SignUp

Concessions: During regular season games Monday-Thursday, the concession stand will be open from 5:15pm - 7:45pm. Please visit for a variety of drinks, snacks, and hot food. We also will apparel for sale throughout the season. 

Practices: We do not set practice times or fields for age groups. We encourage all teams to practice one time per week outside of your game times. The first two weeks of “scrimmages” May 9th and 16th can be used as training, scrimmages, or a combo of both. This gives teams the chance to also partner with another coach on activities. 

Fields: All fields are first come, first serve, however please respect other teams that may have games. 

Referees: Respect all referees! We will only have referees at U9-HS age groups. We target to schedule two referees per game but some games may only have one based on availability of refs. If you know someone interested in becoming a referee for our recreation league (needs to be certified via WisRef) please sign up at under Registration and pick the selection for Referees. >> Learn more at  Fondy Soccer Referees

Weather: If games are canceled due to weather we will alert all teams via the Demosphere app, email, and post on social media. It is our goal to try and make a decision by 3pm about games. Game will be played in rain, but if lightning is spotted, games will immediately be suspended for 30 minutes. We will alert all teams if the delay is temporary or if games are canceled for the night. 

First Aide: The concession stand will be open until 7:45pm each night and will have ice packs and small first aide supplies. 

Spring Games & Picture Day: All girls teams will take photos and play 1-2 games on Saturday, June 4th and all boys teams will take photos and play 1-2 games on Sunday, June 5th. Schedules for this event will be out mid-May. All picture information will be online and posted when we receive it from VIP. 

End of Year Tournament and Festival of Games: This event will be July 16th and 17th and wrap up the season. U4-U8 girls teams will play 2 games on Saturday, and U4-U8 boys teams will play 2 games on Sunday. U9-U14 teams will games on both dates. 

Resources for Soccer Parents

Parent Expectations

Parents, you are not only a supporter of your own child but a role model to them as well. Your actions reflect upon your child, his/her team and the CLUB. We ask that you remember the training sessions and games are for the benefit of the player and the team, not for you. Encourage and support your child in meeting their soccer responsibilities.

  • Recognize that negative behavior toward players, coaches, and game officials will not be tolerated
  • For the good of the player, team, and club, it is important that all the players attend training and games. We respectfully ask that missing soccer practice not be used as punishment. If a player must miss a practice or game, please discuss with the coach ahead of time
  • It is understood that academics are the top priority but being a “student athlete” means the player is able to organize and prioritize both to miss neither
  • Parents will help the team and club provide a good learning environment for the players by positive encouragement at all times
  • Do not argue with the referee or the assistant referee’s
  • Parents will refrain from talking to the coach during games unless it is to point out an important safety issue
  • Manage concerns through the proper channels. First with the team coach and manager, then if needed with the select soccer coordinator
  • Parents will be alcohol and drug free when on the teams sideline at games and practice

Demosphere Mobile App

Demosphere Mobile App

How to be a Good Soccer Parent

How to be a good soccer parent

#1: Cheer – Don’t Coach

Even if you used to play soccer or be a soccer coach, you shouldn’t try to be a soccer coach to your child during the soccer game. A huge part of soccer is for your child to communicate with one another and implement strategies that their coaches give them. The only voice for instructions should be from the team coach.

A parent’s voice cheering for players can help bring excitement and elevate players to perform better. Stick to positive cheering and cheer on the entire team, not just your own player.

#2: Don’t Address Soccer Players on the Opposing Team

Most parents don’t like it when other parents do this to their child, and the rule to treat others how you want to be treated goes along with this tip. Especially young children are still learning how to control their bodies and many fouls or body slams truly might be accidents. 

If a player misbehaves it is up to the referee or the player’s coach to address this, not the parents of the opposing team. An unknown adult yelling at a child can be very intimidating and take away the joy of the game.

#3: Do not Criticize the Referee

As a parent and a person, you should realize that the referee is a person and will make mistakes. If parents start to criticize the referee in a soccer game, it makes the soccer game more about the adults than the kids. Children are learning the referee is in charge of the laws of the game and coaches and parents need to lead them by example of being respectful to the authority.

#4: Focus on the Benefits of the Soccer Game Rather than the Score

Playing on a soccer team will give your child a lot of benefits, but parents will oftentimes only worry about the number on the scoreboard. Although it’s natural to want to win and focus on the result of the soccer game, parents need to focus on the larger picture. If your child’s team didn’t win, how can they learn what their team needs to improve on? Soccer coaches talk about the development process with soccer players, and losing is part of that. If your child’s team always wins, their mentality will be less likely to be able to handle setbacks. It’s a big part of a child’s development as a person and as a soccer player. 

#5: Learn the Rules

If more parents learned and understood the rules of a soccer game this way you can be more educated when you are watching the game. This will help to not act irrational and think that every call is against your soccer player or their soccer team.

Learning the laws of the game will also help parents explain to players why the referee made a call and help them understand and enjoy the game better.

Key Rec Dates to Note

>> Key Rec Dates to Note

  • Week of May 9th + 16th: Pre-Season Scrimmage Matchups
  • Week of May 23rd: Rec League Season Begins
  • June 4th: Picture Day and Spring Games (U4-U14 Girls Teams)
  • June 5th: Picture Day and Spring Games (U4-U14 Boys Teams)
  • June 15th: High School Rec League Teams Begin
  • July 16-17: End of Year Tournament (U4-U14)

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