Parent Expectations

Parents, you are not only a supporter of your own child but a role model to them as well. Your actions reflect upon your child, his/her team and the CLUB. We ask that you remember the training sessions and games are for the benefit of the player and the team, not for you. Encourage and support your child in meeting their soccer responsibilities.

  • Recognize that negative behavior toward players, coaches, and game officials will not be tolerated
  • For the good of the player, team, and club, it is important that all the players attend training and games. We respectfully ask that missing soccer practice not be used as punishment. If a player must miss a practice or game, please discuss with the coach ahead of time
  • It is understood that academics are the top priority but being a “student athlete” means the player is able to organize and prioritize both to miss neither
  • Parents will help the team and club provide a good learning environment for the players by positive encouragement at all times
  • Do not argue with the referee or the assistant referee’s
  • Parents will refrain from talking to the coach during games unless it is to point out an important safety issue
  • Manage concerns through the proper channels. First with the team coach and manager, then if needed with the select soccer coordinator
  • Parents will be alcohol and drug free when on the teams sideline at games and practice