2021 Referee Re-Certification

As a certified ref in 2020 you should have received the below email regarding certifications for 2021. All certifications from 2020 will carry over, however they are asking refs to take a short supplemental course to ref in 2021 at a cost of $30. If you plan to ref Select/Classic League Soccer you are REQUIRED to do this.

If you ONLY plan to ref in our Fond du Lac Rec League we are NOT going to require you to take this supplemental course. Passing the course in 2020 will suffice for our rec-only in town league. Closer to the season, we will be in contact again to see who plans to ref again this year but I wanted to let you know about this course (as a reminder) but also ensure you knew our decision for rec to not require it.

Here is the email below (from WISREF) if you are interested in doing it:

Earlier this fall WISREF emailed Referees to let them know their 2021 license was automatically renewed with US Soccer, and also to let them know that there will be some WisRef course content required for game assignment activation for 2021. Below are the details on the steps needed to be activated in the WisRef GameOfficials account for game assignments in 2021 – local, league and/or tournaments.

You may or may not have received that email as our records show that you have not yet to set up your GameOfficials account. We would recommend getting this set up soonest.  You would have received numerous emails after you attended your new referee course with instructions on how to set up a GameOfficials account.  Please check your emails for prior emails from sue@wisref.org as to how to set up your GameOfficials account.  If you need these instructions re-sent, please email sue@wisref.org to have the instructions sent once again.

The 2021 WisRef supplemental instruction is through on-line virtual Grassroots Referee Assignment Activation Courses (GRAACs).  We will be starting these courses the weekends of December 12 & 19, taking a break for the holidays, and resuming them again about mid-January through the end of April.  Initially the courses will be held on weekends only, with some mid-week courses possibly being added later.

All 2020 registered Referees will need to complete the WisRef pre-course assignments before attending the required on-line virtual Grassroots Referee Assignment Activation Course.  There is a $30.00 activation/course fee for game assignments for 2021.

Your GO account will need to be activated before you can register for the GRAAC’s.  Start by registering for the Grassroots Referee Assignment Activation Course #36490 in GameOfficials by logging into your GameOfficials account and if needed, “Change Identity” to 1234.

Click on Courses, then Referee Courses, then Assignment Activation Course #36490, then Register for this Course.

After you have registered for course #36490, send an email to sue@wisref.org to access the WisRef pre-course assignments.

Upon completion of the WisRef pre-course assignments, you will be sent an email to choose the date and time of the Grassroots Assignment Activation Course you would like to attend.

After successfully completing the WisRef pre-course assignments, the Assignment Activation Course registration and attendance at the virtual course, your 2021 badge will be mailed out to you and your GameOfficials account will be activated for 2021 for game assignments.

All Referees need to keep their Safe & Healthy Playing Environments current; those 18 and older also need to keep their background check and SafeSport certificate current.  These are all available on the US Soccer Learning Center https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee.  If expired, or expiring soon, under your profile, go to Courses/Available Courses/Supplemental Courses/ and complete each of the expired or expiring requirements.

Course #36490 is only for those Referees who registered in 2020 and had their 2021 license automatically renewed by US Soccer.  All other new and lapsed registration referees will need to attend a New Grassroots Referee course, which will start in January 2021 with registration through the US Soccer Learning Center.

Thank you