Ref Check-In and Details for Game Day

For all refs make sure to bring all the right equipment, dress appropriately. and be confident in yourself.  When referees arrive at the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex for a Rec League game, please check-in at the concession stand prior to your first game at least 20 minutes prior to your game. If you do not check in at least 10 minutes prior to your game, that match may be assigned to another ref. You will get paid for all the games you are working that day.

Make sure to have the following items when you arrive:

  • Yellow, Blue, or Green Reffing Shirt (Yellow is preferred color).
  • Black Shorts or Black Athletic Pants
  • Black Soccer Socks (pulled up to knees if wearing shorts)
  • A watch with stopwatch functions
  • Whistle
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Cold weather Gear when needed
  • Copy of the Rec League Rules (easily accessible on your phone is fine)