Register to be a Rec League Referee

Registration to be a rec league soccer ref is now open. All games are at the Fond du Lac Soccer Complex and the season runs from mid May to mid-July with two sets of weekend games

We are asking that you "register" as a ref so I know who is committed for the upcoming season. One note, we are using a new software (Demosphere) for you to "Register as a Ref". This just provides your contact details, and a few other bits of info helpful to ensure a smooth year.

The Fond du Lac Soccer Association will once again be using as our scheduling tool (same as last year). So, this is important, even if you signed up last year to ref, we still need you to fill out the application on Demosphere.

While we do require our rec league referees to be certified, if you were certified in 2020, your certification will carry over to 2021. You will not need to take the online course to ref the Fondy Rec League (but if you plan to ref Select or higher you will need to take the online course).

Current Rec League Pay per Game for Soccer Officials who hold a current certification

  • U5-U6 Game: $10/game (1 Ref)
  • U7-U8 Game: $12/game (1 Ref)
  • U10 Game: $12/Game Each (2 Refs)
  • U12 Game: $18/Game Each (2 Refs)
  • U14 Game: $28/Game Each (2 Refs)
  • High School Rec Game: $30/Game Each (2 Refs)

All games are assigned via